1. How do I make a purchase?

Click on the product image to open up additional information about it. Then select your size and click on the 'ADD TO CART' button to pay for it. You can still continue browsing the online store or directly go to the basket to review and amend the contents of your basket or to complete your order. You will need to register your personal details with us before your order can be processed. Before confirming your order you will be asked to review and amend your order details on the BASKET menu.

2. Can I place an order over the telephone?

Sorry, we do not accept any orders over the telephone.

3. Do I need an account to place an order online?

No you don't need to have an account to place an order

4. How will I know if you have received my order?

After you place your order, you will receive an email from us acknowledging that your order has been received. We aim to dispatch all orders within 3 working days subject to credit clearance and address verification.

5. What if an item is out of stock?

All items are subject to availability. If items that you order are out of stock, subject to a delay or the price is higher than that shown on your order, we will try to contact you at the email address you provided when placing your order. If we cannot contact you or receive no response to our email, we will continue to process the remaining items on your order. We will not supply a substitute product without your express authority. Once an item is sold out it will be taken off the website at the earliest opportunity.

6. Can I add items to an existing order?

It is not always possible to combine orders or add items to an existing order. You can place a new order for any additional items and contact us by email requesting to have your two orders combined and shipped together but please be aware that this might not always be possible as the first order may have already been shipped.

7. What happens if I notice that my personal details are incorrect after I have completed the ordering process?

If you realise your personal details are incorrect once you have completed the ordering process please email our customer service team at infotrulymuslimah@gmail.com, ensuring you include your order number. We can not guarantee that we will be able to rectify the issue, however, we can assure you that we will do all we can to amend your order.

8. Do you do Pre-Order/Made to Order?

No we don't do Pre-Order/Made to Order

9. What form of payment do you accept?

- Paypal

- Credit Card

- Bank Transfer


1. How do I receive a refund and will I be refunded for the full value of my order?

You can check our Return Policy by clicking here

2. When will I receive a refund for the returned items?

Refunds are processed on the day they are received and take 1-3 days to show in your account. This is, of course, subject to the refunds policy. Please note that shipping costs will not be refunded.

Technical Questions

1. I cannot process my order.

Try by first deleting the cookies, then logging back into your account. To delete a cookie, you go to the 'Tools' tab on your internet browser, select 'Internet Options', then choose 'Delete Cookies' and press ‘OK’. Please refresh the page and try to place the order once again – when the site is experiencing high demand, orders sometimes do not get placed. If it still does not work please make a note of what happens and what messages the site gives you. It may also be necessary to try an alternative computer, tablet or mobile device to ensure it is not an internet connection problem. If further problems persist please do not hesitate to email us at infotrulymuslimah@gmail.com.

2. An Error message says my card details are incorrect?

Please ensure that you enter your card details exactly as they appear on the payment card including your name. Please enter the card number without any spaces. The CVV number is the last three digits on the signature strip on the reverse of the card. The issue may be caused by 3DSecure (Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode) verification which is a system setup by your card issuer to manage online fraud and protect your account. This system is managed by your bank so it may be worth contacting them to check that there are no problems with the 3DSecure system on your account.Old