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So you want to know more about the hijab Singapore market? Read on.

The hijab industry is truly revolutionary. When you look at your grandmother’s clothes, you’ll find them totally different from what we wear in our time. That is all thanks to women believing in keeping their heritage and making it practical and efficient for their everyday life.

Solid Color Hijab

The solid pieces of hijab in Singapore and everywhere else are the base of your hijab wardrobe. This is what you wear to the gym most of the time; it’s what you wear to school and sometimes even to work.

The thing is, solids give you the freedom of wearing printed clothes so that prints don’t clash. Although today, with the current fashion trends, you can totally wear a printed veil with printed clothes that will need a lot of coordination in order for them not to clash.

Nevertheless, adding to your solids’ collection is never a bad decision, especially when you go for better materials such as chiffon in place of cotton, which stretches out all the time, and becomes unmanageable.

Printed Hijab

Bold prints are the star of the show these days. A collection of geometric shapes or abstract shapes on your veil is as much of a statement as bold shoes or designer purses. They make your outfit stand out, and you always look entirely unique.

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The thing is, you must be careful with those E prints to make sure that they actually go with the clothes that you have. Having such a strong mesmerizing print and not being able to be fitted to any of your clothes is truly a shame.

So our advice to you is to either come to the store in the fit that you want to purchase the veil for or to have it on you and try to match it.

Instant Hijab

Instant are the types of hijab that have been designed for our modern life. You see, this wasn’t available for our mothers and grandmothers before. 

Nevertheless, whether you get it through your local designers who have truly excelled in designing veils that are completely comfortable and practical for the young female citizens of Singapore, or, you can get instant through world-known brands such as Nike.

Instant hijab is always helpful, especially if you’re into practicing any type of sports, or you have a generally hectic day, and you don’t want to be fixing your head every 2 to 3 minutes, which is always a struggle.

Mostly, instant hijab will come in solid colors or an ombre of colors, so having a wide variety to choose from is undoubtedly a good thing.


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Pins or brooches have existed for ages and ages. Nonetheless, they were used to decorate clothes and not veils. That is not the case today, as hijab accessories are getting more and more popular by the day. They’re available in all sizes and shapes, whether it’s a classical shape worn for a formal event or a modernized shape that can show your loyalty or belonging to anything.


Actually, pins could be worn on the side of the head, or they could be used to stabilize the tails of the veil somewhere while still making it visible. It’s as if you’re buying hair accessories, but for your hijab.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, the whole hijab Singapore industry is progressing minute by minute. Young designers are emerging all over the country in order to make modest clothes as easy and practical as possible for their fellow women.

Hijab doesn’t need to be dull and boring anymore, to the extent that there are as many accessories for the veil as there are for hair, which is rather impressive.

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