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instant shawl
So, you want to know more about instant shawl? You’ve come to the right place!

What is an Instant Shawl?

As the name implies, this is a combination of two things: an instant hijab and a shawl, so let's take a second to dissect that.

What Makes It a Shawl

Shawls have been around for a very long time and have been part of mainstream fashion, draped over the shoulders to keep warm, but we're focusing on shawls worn as hijabs.

instant shawl

These shawls may be square or rectangular-shaped pieces of cloth, used as headscarves. They differ from a regular scarf in that they're slightly bigger, making them ideal for hijabi women who want to look chic without compromising modesty.

What Makes It Instant?

We all know how time-consuming perfecting your headscarf can be. Picture this: you're getting ready for the day, and you're already late for work, but your hijab just isn't cooperating. Instant hijabs aim to fix that issue entirely since they're designed for easy wear. 


Precisely, they're sewn in a way that makes them simple to put on. For instance, some of them are sewn under the neck so that you wouldn't need a pin there. And a hijab that doesn't require a million pins to remain in place is a win in our books.

Tip: If you have your doubts about whether it's genuinely this easy to wear an instant shawl, click here for a step-by-step Youtube tutorial.

What Is an Instant Shawl Made of?

We can't talk about headscarves without talking about fabrics. There are barely any limitations as to the fabrics used in producing instant shawls. Practically, any material used to make a hijab can be used to design an instant shawl, so it's a matter of personal preference, after all.

instant shawl

You'll find instant shawls made of cotton, satin, polyester, lycra, and heavy chiffon, and of course, there are always shawls that aren't purely one material or the other but a blend of fabrics.

Tip: Chiffon shawls can be super slippery, so they don't make for the most practical hijab. But they do look immaculate if you're willing to make fashion sacrifices.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, instant shawls serve to fulfils two goals for hijabi women: modesty and practicality. They're big enough to provide coverage and are sewn to be easily worn with minimal or no use of pins. And as a plus, you can find them in a variety of fabrics, so you bet you can find an instant shawl to your liking. Could it get more convenient?

Where to buy shawl?

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