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What’s Instant Hijab? 

An instant hijab is a hijab that’s ready to wear without having to style it or wrap it in a certain pattern. Instead, it’s already sewn for you to put right on. 

Why Should You Wear Instant Hijab? 

Creating different scarf styles is fun, but it’s not practical, particularly for someone with a busy lifestyle. Wearing an instant hijab is convenient for students who waste time putting on a scarf every morning, as well as doctors, nurses, engineers, and others who need to put on their hijab and head out instantly.

instant hijab

Moreover, it’s safer to wear an instant hijab than to wrap the scarf yourself because you don’t need to use any pins. Accordingly, you won’t hurt yourself if you’re in a hurry, accidentally step on a pin, and most importantly, you won’t worry about your little ones swallowing pins.

Lastly, instant hijab is the best option for prolonged hours outside, traveling, and pilgrimage because it doesn’t fall off as easily as standard hijab does, especially if you use loose styles or your pins keep falling off. 

How to Pick The Right Instant Scarf?

Wearing a hijab isn’t just about covering your hair with a scarf; not if you want to look your best. You needn’t worry though; we know the keys to choosing the right style even with instant scarfs.

The first thing to consider while choosing your hijab style is your face shape. For instance, a chador style works best for anyone with a big forehead, whereas a turban style is better for smaller ones. 

Think of your hijab the same way you think of glasses; if you don’t find the right frame, you won’t look so good. You can always experiment with different styles to find what suits you best.

Once you’re done with the style, you can move to the fabric. Scarfs come in a variety of materials, including cotton, linen, chiffon, silk, cashmere, pashmina, and others. 

instant hijab singapore

To pick the best option, think about the weather as well as the occasion you’re attending. For example, cotton scarves are good for a casual style while going out on a hot summer day. Silk or chiffon are better than cotton in case you’re going to a party or a wedding.

It’s essential to know how to style your scarf with the outfit so that they complement each other. If your outfit has no prints whatsoever, a scarf that has a print will be more flattering than a plain one. 

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