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In this page we will learn more about Satin Shawl

Shawls are also known as tudung, made from satin always catch our attention. However, from past experiences, we have been disappointed and betrayed by one too many. One of the many feedbacks we got from customers sharing their bad experience was that satin is hard to wear, slippery, too thick, heavy, too hot, and stiff. Before you judge satin biasedly, give it a chance, and let's look further and understand the characteristics of the satin material.


Shawl Singapore

What is Satin?

First and foremost, satin is not a raw material. Satin is a type of weave, constructed by floating several warp yarns across the weft before going under 1 weft thread and beginning the cycle again. Having fewer interlaces leads to the smooth, lustrous surface we all know and love.

Satin Fabric Origins

The word ‘Satin’ actually comes from ‘Zaitun’, the Arabic name for the Chinese port Quanzhou, where this weave first originated over 2,000 years ago. At the time, the cultivation of silk was widespread, so even peasant women used silk to master the craft of satin weaving, and silk clothing was not restricted to the upper classes. However, China’s closely guarded satin secret eventually spread across Asia and further west.

In the 12th century, Italy became the first western country to produce satin, and by the 14th century, it became available throughout Europe. However, using silk made the fabric costly so it was reserved for the aristocracy, the church, and upper classes.

Shawl Singapore

Satin and Satin Silk

As discussed, Satin is a type of weave and not material, whereas Silk is a raw material produced by silkworms that are used to make fabric. You can use silk to make Satin, as the word Satin is merely referring to the type of weave structure. Silk Satin fabric is a more expensive type of Satin, so if you’re looking to mass-produce clothing at an affordable rate, Satin is made using polyester, nylon, rayon, or wool. 

Choose Your Satin

The next time you see a pretty satin shawl, find out the price first. This is the first and quickest check to know the standard quality of the satin. Next is to feel the fabric. There is no short-cut to this. A high-quality satin will be soft, cooling, and lightweight. Satin silk, on the other hand, both looks and feels rich. It is another level of soft and lustrous. You can be ensured that it comes with a price. 

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